adrenaline and nature, a challenge with yourself in breathtaking landscapes    

Climbing on cliffs overlooking the sea is a shared passion throughout the territory of the Riviera di Ulisse.

Splendid landscapes and breathtaking natural glimpses that can only be reached after a good climb alone or in company.


The main meeting place for climbing enthusiasts is the nearby Piana di Sant'Agostino, about 18 km from Terracina and practically attached to Sperlonga.


With limestone walls exposed to the sun, ideal for climbing even in winter, the Piana di Sant'Agostino is divided into two large rock structures, Monte Moneta (270 m) and Monte Vannelamare (257 m) full of routes and climbing routes.

Main routes

Invisible Castle :  it is a sector composed mainly of easy routes with low difficulty. There are about twenty itineraries 20 m long.  

Paretone del Chiromante : huge limestone wall that can be crossed by any route, it is the main part of climbing in Sperlonga.


Monte Moneta (270 m), 174 routes with most of its walls exposed to the sun is perfect even in the winter months.  


Grotta dell 'Aeronauta : from the beach of the Aeronaut, beyond the Piana di Sant'Agostino, you reach the Approdo dei Proci and the 300 steps. High sunny walls and traps over the sea for breathtaking climbing.