Terracina and its surroundings, in a balanced weave of nature and civilization, reserve wonders to discover. The long coastline of the Ulysses Riviera and the nearby mountains of the Ausoni Mountains make the city a reference destination for a pleasant stay. Sports, outdoor activities, excursions and long walks are the activities that nature makes easier to practice.


The city's rhythms follow the seasons, in autumn and winter the city offers a pleasant calm and tranquility. Uncrowded streets and tourist destinations can be lived in complete serenity and without the stress of long waits. The sea is a silent companion of walks and the evening hours are suitable for moments of pure relaxation.


In the spring months, but especially in the summer, the city is filled with people, the streets are colored with signs and exhibitors, the bars and places for aperitifs are organized for evening entertainment for the many young people who crowd the beaches of the coast. An explosion of life invades the city.


The beaches, restaurants, wine bars and pubs, nightclubs are a ferment of musical events and evening shows, the streets, especially during aperitif time, are crowded with young people looking for fun and the historic center, with its alleys and narrow streets, reserve unique atmospheres.

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