Source of Lucullus

The Fonte di Lucullo is an artificial Roman cave with the function of a water tank, located within the Circeo National Park in Molella, halfway between Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo.


The source, formerly known as Bagnara, is now indicated by the name of the patrician Lucio Licinio Lucullo who, in 78 BC, would have given the task to Gneo Domizio Amando to collect the waters of that area.


The builder created two sources of water: one used for drinking and the other, which carried less clean water, used for spas.

The drinking spring water came out like bicarbonate-lithium water with interesting therapeutic virtues.

The source was discovered in 1904, under 15 meters of sand, and still flows inside the ancient Roman structure with a vaulted roof.



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