caves of tiberio

A few hundred meters from the seaside village of Sperlonga, along the ancient Via Flacca Valeria, there is a vast archaeological site which over time has become the favorite destination of many tourists in the area. The large archaeological complex now includes the remains of an immense Roman Villa that belonged to the Emperor Tiberius and the Caves of Tiberius, a series of natural pools in the sea.

The Villa of Tiberius in Sperlonga extended for 300 meters in length and included the barracks for the soldiers with the stables, the residences of the entire court, a spa, the decorated cave that housed the symposiums and the fish ponds in front of the cave.

The various buildings of the villa were built on the terraces facing the sea from which the gaze swept over the Pontine Islands to Monte Circeo.

The cave of Tiberius is the most fascinating part of the Roman villa of Sperlonga. The huge natural cave was preceded by a large rectangular fish pond of sea water which housed an artificial island in the center which was the place where Tiberius and his court ate in summer.

The cave was decorated with marble statues of enormous artistic value dedicated to the saga of Ulysses and sculpted by Greek artists. The bottom of the cave was decorated with frescoes and masonry that divided the environment into rooms and alcoves.

Now, visiting the Archaeological Museum of the Tiberius Cave it is possible to immerse yourself in the places where the emperor stayed during the summer, listen to the mythical legends of the place with the guided tour and admire the enchanting natural pools of the Tiberius Cave.

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Museo Archeologico Nazionale e Area Archeologica di Sperlonga
Via Flacca, km 16.300
04029 Sperlonga (LT)
tel. +39 0771 548028

From Terracina take Via Flacca towards Gaeta. After Sperlonga, after 1 km it is on the right.

From Sperlonga take Via Flacca towards Gaeta. After 1 km, it is on the right.