ponza island

between breathtaking landscapes and ancient legends in a village of enchanting sailors

Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, whose archipelago also includes the islands of Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano, and is about 2 hours by ferry from Terracina.

It is very close to Zannone and Palmarola and can be easily reached by boat from Ponza.


Ponza is famous for its white coves and turquoise water. The sea in Ponza is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, with seabeds full of life, wrecks and caves that are a paradise for snorkeling and diving.


Due to the rugged coasts, of volcanic origin, which offer an extremely varied underwater environment, the island is an unmissable destination for diving enthusiasts.


They are known points of interest:

  • Le Formiche, a group of outcropping rocks, considered the most interesting dive on the island due to the gullies at a depth of 30 meters;

  • Punta della Guardia, a landslide rich in white breams and groupers on one side and a wall on the other, up to 42 meters deep;

  • the Secca di Mezzogiorno, which rises from the seabed about a mile from Palmarola from 80 to 40 meters, covered with red gorgonians and inhabited by lobsters, groupers and moray eels;

  • the Scoglio della Botte, eight miles from the island, with two caves located at 36 and 27 meters deep. Here the Plesionika narval prawns are the masters, abundant inside;

  • Punta del Papa, renowned for its gorgonians, a wall up to 36 meters deep full of cracks.


But Ponza is not just the sea. The island has been inhabited since the time of the Romans and the Greeks before them. The remnants of the past are clearly visible and are a wonderful discovery. There are two Roman necropolises, artificial caves, the remains of two sumptuous imperial villas and many cisterns scattered throughout the territory, of which the most famous is the Roman Cistern of the Dragonara.


The most beautiful beaches of Ponza can be reached by boat. Starting from the port you can go around the island even in one day, or you can rent one of the many small boats moored in the port and enjoy the beauty of the island's sea in complete freedom.


Ponza is remembered by tourists for its pastel colored houses, fresh fish restaurants, moored fishing boats and goiters, romantic and enchanting views.


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Daily runs from the Port of Terracina with departure in the morning and in the evening.