lake of fondi

when nature is a sight not to be missed

Lake Fondi is the largest of the coastal lakes of Lazio, is located between the municipality of Fondi and Terracina and is a valid alternative to the beach and an excuse to get to know our territory better. It has an average depth of 9.1 m, with peaks of over 21 m and for this it is possible to practice water sports and sport fishing.


Since 2006, as a protected area, it is part of the Natural Monument of Lake Fondi established by the Lazio Region.


The lake is characterized by a thriving flora and fauna typical of lake areas. There are in fact more than 25 species of fish, some typical of fresh water and others of salt and brackish water, such as spinel, carp and tench and typically marine fish such as the gray mullet and the sea bass. For this reason, one of the main activities that can be carried out inside the lake is sport fishing. Of course, in order to fish inside the lake, an authorization is required which must be requested from the Municipality of Fondi.


The flora of Lake Fondi is typical of lake and shelter environments, in particular there are more than 25 species of wild orchids of rare beauty. The lake of bottoms is not only water but also woods, wetlands, reed beds, water scoops and old watchtowers. The lake can be crossed in various points thanks to its multiple paths. Rowing activities can be carried out within the lake which allow you to appreciate the lake in all its beauty.


Typical is the bird watching activities, are in fact many species of birds in the area, such as hawks, curlews and plovers Italy, making the Lake Fondi a great lookout point for the different types of birds. In the park there are also some huts to be able to observe the birds comfortably and without disturbing the birds.

what to do






Fondi Tourism Office

Porto Vescovo Square 2  -  04022  Funds (LT)

Tel.  (+39) 0771 513544

how to arrive

From Terracina take Via Flacca in the direction of Fondi for about 18 km.