laKE OF san puoto

WATERSKI, birdwatching e mYsteriES OF THE HISTORY

Near Sperlonga, along the Via Flacca there is a small mirror of fresh water which takes the name of Lake San Puoto. A legend says that in the depths of the lake there are the remains of an ancient city, Amyclae, described by Virgil and Cicero. Legend has it that the people of Amyclae, linked to a Pythagorean sect dedicated to silence, would have refused to raise the alarm when the enemies arrived and would therefore have been exterminated in an attack. The besieged and destroyed city was abandoned by the surviving inhabitants and ended up over time to be submerged by the waters, which preserve its legend and memory.


The lake is home to several species of flora and fauna of particular interest. The Tarabusino, a small migratory and nesting heron typical of freshwater areas, are birds of prey such as the honey buzzard, the black and white kite and the peregrine falcon that frequent the area both during the reproductive period and during migrations autumn. Finally, there are numerous species of plants and flowers present, in particular splendid orchids present on the hills around the lake.


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From Terracina take Via Flacca/SR213, direction Sperlonga for 17 Km.



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