An important aspect characterizing the city of Terracina is undoubtedly the local food and wine. A huge and varied amount of products from the hilly inland and local fish come to merge into traditional dishes preserved and re-proposed today. Local agriculture and fishing, wild scents and genuine flavors of an area rich in quality and delicacies. The cuisine of Terracina is thus a mixture of ingredients of the earth and flavors of the sea, expertly processed and enhanced in the local cuisine.


The hilly hinterland regal to the city of Terracina a vast variety of vegetables, vegetables, fruit and legumes. The green hills are the birthplace of the Moscato di Terracina (DOC) and from the nearby Monti Ausoni come to town the most delicious and sought after cheeses.

Eating in Terracina means savoring genuine products, discovering ancient flavors of the seafaring tradition and losing oneself in the profound union with the products of local agriculture. Let yourself be transported to the scents that invade the alleys of the historic city center, taste the local fish in the many restaurants near the sea or eat directly on the beach and admire the sea up close on a romantic terrace. Terracina is to be discovered in taste and flavor.


The products of the sea of ​​Terracina are renowned for the taste of the sea they bring with them. Anchovies marinara, fish soup or fried fish, if anything caught and eaten aboard the many fishing boats, they are the typical and tastiest dishes of the local tradition.

Little Menù of Terracina

Hostaria del Vicoletto  -  restaurant, fish specialties - Via del Quartiere, 9

Il Caminetto  -  restaurant, fish specialties - Via CB Conte di Cavour, 19

Centosedici - restaurant - pizzeria - fish specialties - Viale Circe, 116

Centro Ittico da Ernesto  -  fish specialties - gastronomy - Piazzale Lido

Cooperativa dei Pescatori - fish specialties - gastronomy - Via Lungolinea Pio VI, 1

Mario l'Ostricaro - restaurant, seafood specialties - Via Appia, km 102


La Drogheria  -  restaurant, grilled meat specialties - Piazza Orfanotrofio, 415

Hosteria Le Muraccia  -  restaurant, meat specialties - Via Cauto, 20

Sunrise Wine & Food  -  restaurant, meat specialties - Via SS Annunziata, 33

Ristorante Ciro  -  pizzeria - Piazza della Repubblica, 12

Miseria e Nobiltà  -  pizzeria - Via Roma, 25

L'Università  -  pizzeria - Viale delle Vittorie, 162

Green  -  pizzeria - Corso Anita Garibaldi, 99