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A coast of fine golden sand four kilometers long, a crystal clear sea, award-winning blue flag, bathing beaches equipped for daytime activities and evening entertainment, a promenade suitable for sports or family activities, few of the many advantages of the city of Terracina. Terracina fits perfectly into a strip of land between the sea and the greener mountain. Located just south of the Circeo Promontory and in the middle of the Ulysses Riviera, the city lives in symbiosis with nature, defending and enhancing it.


There are many places where you can rediscover the beauty of uncontaminated nature and fully enjoy the clean air that surrounds it. Exploring the area you can experience moments of adventure in the National Parks, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the coastal lakes and stroll through the vineyards on the green hills of the surroundings. Outdoor activities both at sea and in the mountains, sports and trekking activities, water sports, sailing and windsurfing, are just some of the many activities reserved for those who want to immerse themselves in the place and live it to the full.

The coast of Terracina, on the Riviera of Ulysses, is a sequence of small coves and long golden beaches. Lapped by a crystal clear sea, a blue flag for many years, the beaches are dotted with superbly equipped beaches for families, young people and the elderly. Outdoor games, fast food services, kiosks with refreshing drinks are located along the beach to follow you in your day of relaxation in the sun.


The surroundings of Terracina are rich in archaeological sites, natural parks, green and cultivated hills, cool and breezy mountains. Easily reachable by one's own means, with the efficient public transport service or on foot or by bicycle, they are an excellent destination to spend a carefree day in full nature. The Port of Terracina, well connected to all the Pontine Islands, allows a day trip to the nearest islands of Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

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