monasterY OF san magno

a meeting place, of faith and of rediscovery

The monastery of San Magno is an important historical and cultural heritage of lower Lazio. According to the story of San Gregorio Magno, the monastery was built at the behest of San Onorato in 522 to honor the martyrdom of San Magno, killed together with San Paterno and 2597 Christians. The monastery, until 1072, was autonomous and managed by ordinary monks.


Inserted in the Monti Ausoni and Lago di Fondi Regional Natural Park, it is characterized by an interesting tourist attraction, a place of considerable charm due to its scenic beauty and its historical and artistic values.

In recent years, the monastic complex, acquired and restored by the Lazio Region and finally entrusted to the Archdiocese of Gaeta, has been returned to its original vocation: a land port where every traveler can give an answer to the questions of life and faith of all men and women of good will.

The visit of the Monastery starts from the Roman construction, shrine of the martyrdom of San Magno, built on the level of the spring that he sees at his feet, arriving at the Renaissance and medieval churches.

A fascinating journey full of testimonies that from the roots of a medieval faith reaches the harmonious proposal of the modern one.



Via Valle Vigna,

04022 - Funds (LT)