fins, mask, snorkel and ... incredible surprises.

The coast, interspersed between sandy beaches and rocky promontories, is full of bays and inlets suitable for snorkelling. Lovers of the sea and its beauties will be able to dive just below the water level and discover a world rich in marine organisms and ecosystems of rare beauty.

You will be able to live an unforgettable experience to discover biodiversity and the colorful backdrops inhabited by a variety of animals and marine plants of enchanting value.


Along the Pontine coast, especially around the Circeo promontory, shallow waters, sea caves and coves reserve incredible surprises. Certainly it will not be the coral reef and tropical fish to kidnap you, but a fascinating underwater world animated by schools of blue fish, glances, anchovies and crustaceans of all kinds.

Where to snorkel:

Porto Turistico di San Felice Circeo

Torre fico - (San Felice Circeo)

Grotta dell'Impiso - (San Felice Circeo)

Grotta delle Capre - (San Felice Circeo)

Grotta del Fossellone - (San Felice Circeo)

Spiaggia del Prigioniero - (San Felice Circeo)

Spiaggia di Torre Paola - (San Felice Circeo)

The beaches and structures along the coast of the Riviera di Ulisse are equipped with all the useful and necessary equipment for practicing the main water sports.


In addition to snorkeling also discover:

- the SUP

- Freediving and scuba diving

- Canoe and Kayak

- Water ski