relax on the beach

Sun, sea and desire not to think about anything.

The seafront of Terracina, about 4 km long, has always been a tourist attraction. A long beach is the backdrop to a crystal clear sea, a blue flag for many years. Bathing beaches, bars, restaurants, small shops and kiosks alternate between the free access and equipped beaches. Supplied and equipped with all equipment to spend a pleasant day in the sun. The beaches provide services of all kinds, so you can enjoy the excellent dishes of local cuisine after having faced your first challenge with windsurfing. From boat rental to windsurfing school, the beaches of Terracina are the ideal destination for enjoying beach holidays.

the most beautiful beaches

Riva del Sisto beach


Riva del Sisto beach is located near the mouth of the Sisto river, towards San Felice Circeo. The beach is framed in the beautiful Gulf of Circeo in front of the splendid Pontine islands. It is a wide and wide beach of fine golden colored sand, with crystal clear sea and emerald green, the sandy and shallow seabed slopes gently, making it suitable for families with children and less experienced swimmers. The Riva del Sisto area is very popular with scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts due to the presence of numerous underwater caves and fish of all kinds.

The beaches of San Felice Circeo


San Felice Circeo beach is one of the most popular on the Ulysses Riviera. Clean beaches and crystal clear waters are its strengths that attract thousands of tourists from all over Italy every year. Inserted within the Circeo National Park, it is a natural oasis of Mediterranean scrub and a much sought after destination for those who love surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing as the area is very windy and allows the practice of such water sports. The beach of San Felice Circeo is wide and long, composed of fine golden sand; it is interspersed with small rocky coves where snorkelers can have fun admiring the wonderful seabed in the area, inhabited by unique specimens of flora and fauna. Among the most beautiful beaches in the Circeo area:

- Prisoner beach

- La Rinascente cliff

- Cliff The Batteries

- the beach of Torre Paola

- the beach of Torre Olevola

Torre Olevola beach


Torre Olevola beach is located within the municipality of San Felice Circeo. The tower is the last of the coastal towers which, in sequence, along the Riviera di Ulisse, line the coast from San Felice Circeo to Terracina. It is a thin strip of beach, bordered by breakwaters and dominated by the Olevola Tower, an integral part of a defensive system designed and built to defend against the incursions of the Saracens. The beach of Torre Olevola is soft and golden sand with medium grain alternating with fine gravel, the sea in this section is transparent and blue with shades from turquoise to ultramarine blue. The seabed slopes down fairly quickly, ideal for swimming and for more experienced swimmers. This beach is surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean scrub with dwarf palms, myrtle and broom. The beach of Torre Olevola can be reached by taking the state road 148 Via Pontina from Rome, taking towards the Levante coast (from Torre Olevola to the Port of San Felice Circeo), and along Viale Europa towards Terracina.

Torre Paola beach


Torre Paola is a medieval tower used for coastal sightings and in defense of the incursions of enemies coming from the sea. Below this tower is the splendid Torre Paola beach in one of the most popular seaside areas in Lazio, in the Sabaudia area.

Lido di Fondi beach


Lido di Fondi, or Salto di Fondi, is a small stretch of beach located halfway between Terracina and Sperlonga. Very windy and well exposed to the sun, the beach of Fondi Lido is an excellent destination for sailing enthusiasts, it is in fact ideal for practicing good windsurfing, kitesurfing and amateur sailing.

Long Lake beach


Among the beaches of Sperlonga, there is a naturalistic jewel which is the beach of Lago Lungo. A strip of land with sand dunes, covered with vineyards and Mediterranean scrub, which separates the artificial lake from the sea. The lake that extends parallel to the sea, creates a game of contrasts and colors, creating a unique condition: being able to enjoy the sea and the lake, although dedicating yourself to beach activities or fishing for eels. The crystal clear sea has shallow waters that slope gently, awarded with the Blue Flag is perfect for families with children. The sand, which varies from pure white to golden, is fine in both lakes and maritime beaches. The long, narrow beach is divided into a free beach and managed by bathing establishments, where you can rent beach equipment such as deckchairs, umbrellas and sunbeds or equipment for the practice of water sports. Perfect place also for those who love bird-watching; in this area you can spot the red heron, the marsh harrier, the kingfisher, and multiple species of butterflies.

Canzatora beach


The Canzatora is a small beach on the border between Sperlonga and Terracina. It is a beach of fine sand with a light color, the seabed slopes slowly and for this reason it is frequented both by families with children and by young children.