Temple of Jupiter Anxur

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One of the symbolic monuments of the city of Terracina, located on the top of Monte Sant'Angelo, which majestically dominates the city from its 227 meters. Monte Sant'Angelo, also known as Monte Giove (for the Romans Mons Neptunius, 227 m asl) constitutes the last offshoot of the Ausoni mountains, which here, for the first and only time, touch the Tyrrhenian Sea, closing the Pontine plain.

On its southern slopes, the Ausonius center of Terracina was built, then volsco with the name of Anxur and definitively conquered by the Romans at the end of the fifth century BC.

In 329 BC. the city became a Roman colony and in 312 BC the mountain was bypassed behind by the route of the new via Appia, which connected Rome with Capua.


The first terraces in polygonal work date back to this period, for the erection of a first sanctuary, probably linked to the oracular worship and perhaps not including a temple. After the Roman era the sanctuary was destroyed and set on fire and the remains were known in medieval times with the name of the palace of Theodoric.

In the early Middle Ages, a Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel was built in the area of ​​the so-called small temple, from which the whole hill took its current name.


The sanctuary, which has come down to us in the Sillan era reconstruction, includes an upper terrace with mainly military use, and a lower terrace, which houses the large temple and the oracular sanctuary. To the west, a third terrace (small temple) had a series of vaulted rooms, decorated with frescoes and was partially remodeled for the insertion of the convent of San Michele Arcangelo.


Since 2000, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur has been protected as a Natural Monument of the Lazio Region, entrusted to the Municipality of Terracina under the supervision of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Lazio Region.


Inside the archaeological area, tourists can also take advantage of a suggestive panoramic bar, with the possibility of organizing receptions and private events.


How to get

By car:

for Terracina from Rome via the A1 motorway, Frosinone exit, then for Priverno and expressway for Terracina.

On the train:

Monte S. Biagio stop (local shuttle to Terracina - 15 min)

From Formia - 40 minutes by car to Terracina Bus: Co.Tra.L.

Terracina Tourist Office

Piazza G. Mazzini, 8

(+39) 0773707 440 - 495 - 776



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