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Located in the central south of the province of Latina, Terracina is characterized by a weave of stories and memories of different eras that coexist with the modern everyday life of our times, and make the city one of the most fascinating of the Ulysses Riviera. Of ancient origin, Terracina is one of the most famous seaside resorts of the Lazio coast and the one that preserves the greatest number of monuments of historical and archaeological interest. Divided between the historical center of the high Terracina and the low Terracina of modern construction, the city is in continuous ferment and is a succession of cultural, sporting and entertainment events and activities especially in the summer period. Period in which its long and equipped golden beaches allow you to spend moments of joy and lightheartedness, but also to enjoy a relaxing holiday.


It is said that the city was founded by a group of Spartan exiles, who fled from their homeland, landed on the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea, These exiles maintained their customs and original traditions, such as the use of having guests dine on a table laden but on the bare ground, hence the name of the city Terra - cena, transformed over time into Terracina. The Romans, who brought Terracina to the height of its splendor, made the city an important hub between the Roman Empire and the southern regions. In the Middle Ages the city experienced a second moment of splendor and development and the many monuments and architectural beauties of the city are of this era. it is the mix of history, memory and traditions that makes Terracina a unique city in the territory.


Terracina, halfway between Rome and Naples, is part of the coastal center of the Pontine Plain in the wider gulf, which extends for 15 km between the promontories of Circeo and Gaeta. The territory has the particularity of joining the hill to the sea. The hilly landscape indeed meets with a beach with golden sand, 4 km long. The Terracina landscape is unique, from the top of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur it is possible to see the Pontine Islands on the horizon, in the clear sky one is fascinated by a crystalline sea of ​​its thousand shades of blue and behind it a florid and green plain of countless naturalistic beauties. The nearby town of Sperlonga, the wonderful Natural Park of Circeo or the natural monument of Campo Soriano, are some of the landscape and natural beauties of the area.


The city of Terracina is a reference point for the nearby towns or neighboring villages. During the summer, sunny and warm days give you the opportunity to indulge in outdoor sports, beach activities, or simply relax on the shore. In the evening hours the city is dressed in a thousand colors, the shores and kiosks along the beach throng with young people for the usual aperitif on the beach. Music, fun and joy invade the streets of the city and in the alleys of the historical center characteristic little shops show the typical local craftsmanship. Moments of relaxation, moments of leisure and moments of frenetic fun, Terracina manages your time following your desires.


The Table of Terracina is characterized by a great variety of flavors, which combine the richness of the typical products of the sea and of the local countryside. The combination of sea and land makes Terracina's food and wine a leading excellence in the panorama of Italian cuisine. From the typical local catch such as blue fish, shellfish and seafood, the products of the earth such as vegetables, vegetables and olive oil are brought to the table. The territory is perfect for the cultivation of the vine and the Moscato di Terracina (DOC) proudly prides itself on its excellence. A mix of foods, tastes and flavors that make local cuisine an experience to live and remember.


Lying on the Riviera of Ulysses, between unspoiled nature and the splendid Tyrrhenian sea, Terracina is a city to be enjoyed at all hours of the day, with family or in the company of friends. Ideal destination for your beach holiday. Terracina is reflected in a crystal blue sea that bathes a long golden beach. During the day the beach equipped with bathing beaches, restaurants, kiosks and services for bathers entertains tourists on a quiet sunny day. At night, the city transforms and reserves glimpses and a unique enchanting panorama. A welcoming atmosphere between ancient and modern, alleys that are colored with people and flourish with characteristic shops, reserved and romantic corners for moments of pleasant company.

Old Town

Small views of the past and a long walk through history. The alleys of the historic center are a collection of stories, legends and emotions. Taverns, wine bars and small colorful shops fill the streets and people with life.

The Dome and
the Frangipane Castle

Two precious memories of a prestigious city. The very ancient Cathedral of San Cesareo from the 5th century and the mighty castle guarding the city.

Temple of Jupiter Anxur

The ancient Roman temple seems to watch over the city of Terracina like an old sage. From its peak overlooking the sea, the Temple offers unique views of the Gulf of Terracina and the Circeo promontory.

Seafront of Terracina

Long walks at sunset, sports activities during the day or pleasant evenings of entertainment. Rich in kiosks and discos, the promenade offers moments of pause or fun.

Terracina's Beaches

A few steps into the city and you are immediately in the water. The sea is crystal clear, the beaches are clean and the beach establishments are well equipped. Open the umbrella, take off your clothes and ... puff, freshen up!

Port of Terracina

Quick connections with the Pontine islands. Quickly reach the island of Ponza and return later in the day.