Boots, water bottle and a great desire to explore new territories

Spend a sunny day immersed in the enchanting Mediterranean scrub, walk in the protected air of the Campo Soriano Natural Monument, explore the Pontine Islands, cross the Circeo Natural Park, enchant yourself in that of the Ausoni Mountains, do urban trekking or retrace the historic route of the Via Appia are just some of the attractions of a territory full of surprises and curiosities.


Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the area and admire lesser known places and landscapes, experiencing the history and beauty of an environment with an infinite natural heritage.

some paths

tempio Giove Anxur
Mount Jupiter

A path that traces broadly the way of the pilgrims who went from the center of the city to the Temple of Jupiter Anxur.

An easy path, even for the less experienced, between history and nature.

tabby field

The Campo Soriano Natural Monument is one of the natural attractions not to be missed.

Characterized by surface karst forms, such as sinkholes, carriageways and hum.

punta leano
tip leano

Punta Leano has a low altitude (about 460 m). The climb alternates between asphalted and dirt roads. A short final sheep track leads to a dizzying cliff that culminates with the statue of the Madonna and the wooded summit.

Picco di Circe
peak of circe
(San Felice Circeo)

One of the most popular trails for trekking enthusiasts is the Circe peak.

The Peak is about 541 meters high and with a truly breathtaking view.

From the top of the peak you can admire the Pontine Islands, the entire Gulf of Gaeta and the beach of Sabaudia

Eremo di San Michele (Formia)
hermitage san michael

Not far from Terracina, in Maranola, in the municipality of Formia there is a fascinating path that leads to the hermitage of San Michele Arcangelo. The Hermitage is a small sanctuary dating back to 830 AD set in the rock of Mount Altino at 1158 meters above sea level, under the top of the Redentore.



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